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Digital and screen printing, punch, laser and bonding technology

Life is not precise enough without Leveringhaus. Punched, canted, printed like a Swiss watch. But: Made in Germany by Leveringhaus. Colour hallmark from Leveringhaus: due to modern technology.

There is no limit to the colour scheme. Whether it be Pantone, HKS or Ral, whichever colour you chose, we shall meet the exact colour to 100%. A measuring computer using spectral photometer processes monitors the quality constantly. Reprinting after several years does not pose a problem.

Technical data – advantages and benefits

  • Maximum size 600 x 800 mm
  • No limit to the colour scheme – You do not have to compromise! Leveringhaus makes your colour possible.
  • Maximum precision thanks to laser and plotter technology – the digital way ensures consistent quality during punching, lasering or plotting.
  • 3M® Autotype Scotchcall adhesive products – top quality in an excellent quality chain