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The Leveringhaus Company has a long tradition

1968 The Leveringhaus Company is established.

Despite world-wide political turbulence Reinhard Leveringhaus and his father-in-law set up Kahmann KG Siebdruckerei (screen printing) in Gevelsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

1973 Development and expansion

Its success is proof of the concept and growth the logical consequence. Kahmann KG Siebdruckerei moves into new premises and changes its name to Plastic Print GmbH. Erbig KG Oberflächenveredelung (surface finishing) in Obergünzburg, Bavaria, Germany is acquired as a second mainstay and to round off the range of products.

1978 Erbig KG becomes Leveringhaus Oberflächenveredelung

The name of the future parent company is found. The strengths of the company were already apparent at this time and are still valid today: adaptation to the needs of our customers is coupled to high quality standards and flexible product design.

1983 Pooling all resources

Leveringhaus pools all resources and merges both companies „under one roof”. The concentration of know-how and resources results in an even better market position.

1988 New home for increasing turnover

New production facilities offer new opportunities: The facilities in Obergünzburg became too small to cope with the continually improving order situation. On a floor area of more than 1.000 m2, there is enough space for the modern production processes.

1991 Lean Management, the move to Obergünzburg

The subsidiary in Gevelsberg relocates to the parent company in Obergünzburg. 2 management levels do not fit in with the concept of lean management. The concentration of all production processes results in even faster and more exact production handling. If unlimited success is the goal, the appropriate practicalities have to be created. And these practicalities have been available in Obergünzburg ever since.

In 2012 the production was taken over by Phönix Mecano, a subsidiary of Kundisch GmbH.

2016 Team LEVEDO

Production was relocated to Hungary and the work force in Obergünzburg was taken over by a transfer company.

2017 New beginning

- Im Leben fängt man dann und wann, wiedermal von vorne an. (During a lifetime, every now and then you start all over again.) -
( Wilhelm Busch)

The old core of Leveringhaus GmbH & Co KG came together and under the leadership of Leveringhaus Senior – the founder of the original company – and Leveringhaus Junior Team LEVEDO was born.

Team LEVEDO offers modern technology combined with the know-how and skills of „old hands“ in optimised premises.